Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with 3 Lighting Modes Review #Oakleaf

Looking For The Perfect LED Desk Lamp?

The Oak Leaf 10W LED Desk Lamp is very versatile.  It has three lighting modes and five dimming levels.  
I have been looking for an adjustable LED lamp to get the perfect lighting for my indoor photography.  The Oak Leaf desk lamp is just what I wanted.  

I love the soft touch controls.  I can adjust the lighting with just one finger.  The lamp has a nice wide base so I don't worry about knocking it over. I am kind of clumsy, so this is a definite plus. The Oak Leaf desk lamp does everything I need it to do and them some!  

I received this desk lamp at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage of the product.

Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask+Earplugs Review #dreamessentials

Want To Sleep But It Is Too Light Out?

The Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask blocks out light while still being comfortable.  
The mask is contoured to fit your face.  The eye pockets are concave so the mask stays a distance away from your eyes.  This ensures air circulation and easy blinking.  On my face I could still see a thin line of light through the bottom, but it doesn't matter when my eyes are closed.  
The strap is soft and stretchy with a Velcro closing so it is fully adjustable.  
The Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams sleep mask also comes with ear plugs and a nice storage bag.
I do not use the mask every day.  I believe it would best used for travel or light sleep.  

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation. #dreamessentials

KOVOT Holiday CHEERS and JOY Stemless Wine Glass #KOVOTHolidayCHEERSandJOYStemlessWineGlass

Celebrate The Holidays In Style

I love the holidays!  I have been looking for a pair of decorative glasses.  The Kovot Holiday Cheers and Joy Stemless Wine Glass set is just want I wanted.
Each glass holds up to 16 ounces.  They are so cute and put you in a festive mood.  The glasses are nice and thick.  Since they are stemless wine glasses, they are easy to hold with one hand.
I just love these holiday glasses.  For the price, they are very good quality and simply adorable!

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation.

Dog Training Whistle With Lanyard Review #dogwhistle

Teach Your Dog Whistle Commands

As a training whistle, you can adjust the pitch quite a bit. Every sound is audible though. If you are looking to teach your dog commands, you can adjust the pitch to whatever your dog responds to best. 
The lanyard is nice and thick and does hold the whistle firmly. It is a standard dog training whistle.  
You find the pitch that your dog responds to and use different whistle patterns for commands.

1 short whistle can mean "Come"
2 short whistles an mean "Sit"
1 long whistle can mean "Stay"

I wish this whistle had an inaudible sound, but a dog will react to a whistle if you are consistent.  

Our dog is older and the whistle didn't work for him.  I think it would be better for a puppy or young dog that you can train from the beginning.

I was provided with this product free of charge for review and feedback based on my first-hand usage of the product.

Shed Ninja 2-in-1 Dog and Cat Shedding Brush Review #ShedNinjaDogBrush

Tired Of Finding Your Pet's Fur All Over Your Clothes And Furniture?

The Shed Ninja is a 2-in-1 dog and cat shedding brush that gets the job done.   
We have two dogs and they are a bit spoiled. They pretty much take over the couch, but allow us to sit on it.  There always seems to be be fur on the furniture that ends up sticking to our clothes. 
The brush has a comfortable handle with a flexible head.
One side of the brush has a rake with long thick needles that are rounded at the ends for comfort. For our Cairn Terrier it helps get the loose fur deep in his coat.  
Our other dog, Midnight is a Shih-poo.  I use both sides for him.  He has longer fur, but it is curly and hard to brush through.  I use the longer rake to remove tangles from his fur.  The shorter rake gets the loose fur. 
The Shed Ninja 2-in-1 dog and cat shedding brush gets so much more loose fur than the dog brush we had been using.  It is also a breeze to clean.
I had no idea that there was so much loose fur left behind with their old brush. This brush gets deep down and leaves the healthy fur so your dog feels great. Also, I am happy that I do not have to pick up dog hair from the furniture and our clothes.  I love the Shed Ninja!

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation.

Pink Pumpkin K-cup Coffee Review and Giveaway #BBRpinkpumpkin

Coffee For Pumpkin Spice Lovers 

Review and Giveaway

Fall is here with beautiful leaves and pumpkins. Brooklyn Beans Roastery celebrates fall with their Pink Pumpkin K-cup Coffee.  

It is filled with your favorite pumpkin pie spices with a dash of vanilla. It smells and tastes delicious!  Not only will it warm you on brisk mornings, it will also warm your heart.  A portion of the proceeds of Pink Pumpkin Coffee goes to breast cancer awareness. 

Enter to win a box of this amazing pumpkin vanilla coffee for yourself or a friend.  Can't wait? Order it here:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015OBX4G6

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation..

Zitriom Packing Tape for professional use #zitriom

Looking For Professional Strength 

Packing Tape?

My son has purchased his first home and is in the process of packing.  He had purchased some packing tape, but it was thin and slipped off he dispenser.  I brought over Zitriom 6 roll professional packing tape .   
My son filled the boxes and I taped them shut. With the enclosed dispenser, the tape rolls smoothly.  I had no problem with it sliding around or coming off the dispenser.  
The Zitriom packing tape is thicker than the packing tape that my son had from a discount store. The boxes stayed shut while moving them around and there wasn't a problem of any glue sticking the boxes together.  Moving can be stressful and with Zitriom packing tape there is one less thing to worry about.

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation. #zitriom

AYL Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphone Review #AYLBluetoothSportHeadphone

Looking For A Wireless Sport Headphone That Keeps You Connected?

The AYL Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Headphones are wireless. I use them when I go walking or to the gym.  Even with using them daily, they have really held up well. Sweat does not even affect them.
The AYL headphones are angled for a better fit.  If you have never used this type of headphones, be sure you have the cord across the back of your neck and not in front.  You can see that they are labeled R (right) and L (left) clearly.  
There are different sized ear tips, but the smaller tips worked the best for me. The silicone loops are also in several sizes.  They are made to tuck under the ear ridge to keep the earphones in place. The loops can be adjusted by sliding them into the best position for you.  This will keep the tips in place so they do not slip out.  Once you get both the tips and loops set, you should not have to adjust them again.
The sound is exceptional for wireless headphones. Music is clear, but well blended.  You can even make and receive calls through the headphones.  I tested the call receiving feature by having my husband call me.  The music I was listening to automatically stopped and there is a specific sound alerting you. I just push the button once to answer the call.  Calls are clear through the microphone. If I want to ignore the call, I just push the button twice.  
The AYL sport headphones charge quickly with the enclosed cord.  The cord seems short, but since it plugs into a slot in the headphones, you wouldn't want it any longer.
The AYL wireless sport headphones even come with a soft drawstring storage bag.  These headphones are priced low and are comparable to higher priced sets. It is so nice to work out without a cord getting caught or earphones falling out of my ears.  Also, I never miss a phone call!

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation. #AYLBluetoothSportHeadphone

Zitriom Apple Certified Lightning Charger for iPhone, iPad and iPod Review #zitriom

Looking For An Apple Certified Charging Cord?
The Zitrion iPhone Charger is Apple certified, MFi lightning cord. 
You may have noticed that some charging cords that may have worked previously, stopped working.  You may see an error message.  By using an Apple certified charging cord, you ensure that your device is being charged correctly. With the Zitriom Apple certified lightning cord, I have no error messages on my iPhone.
I like that the end is lighted so you know when you plug it in if the battery needs charging (red) or if it is fully charged (blue).  The cord is flat and I did not have any issues with it getting tangled.
The Zitriom lightning cord is thicker and more flexible than a lot of other cords. The connectors are sturdy and have held up well.  I prefer lightning cords so it doesn't take forever to charge my phone.  It is a high quality cord at a low price. I feel confident that the Zitriom lightning cord will charge my phone quickly and safely.

I was provided with this product free of charge for review and unbiased feedback based on my first-hand usage of the product.